​ToolView.net was created for large OEM and Tier 1 companies that outsource manufacturing. ToolView can be deployed in phases to achieve compliance, risk reduction, and supply chain productivity improvement.  Discover how taking control of your tooling assets can significantly change your purchasing dynamic. To fully understand your outsourced products from production to end-of-life, you must understand the actual tools and processes that make them.

Level I


Level II

Risk Reduction

ToolView Level I is a web application designed to find, document, report and view your special tooling assets online. Unlike spreadsheet methods, ToolView is cloud based, mobile, and dynamic. Suppliers working in parallel, quickly and accurately build your tooling database so you can view specifications, pictures, CAD drawings, and maintenance events related to your tooling assets. Discover, document and manage all your special tooling assets in one place anywhere in the world with ToolView.net

Three Levels of Service


The Power of Special Tooling Asset Management

Level III



ToolView Level II offers the buyer tools for lowering supply chain risk. Contingency plans are created based on actual tooling and processes used to produce your products. Buyers can view supplier capability and select the best alternative sources. Predictive and risk avoidance is not enough-- Rest assured knowing that if a supplier does fail, you have a back up plan in place. New ISO standards require a comprehensive plan for managing supply chain risk.  ToolView can play a significant roll in achieving this requirement.

ToolView Level III assists the buyer in realizing real productivity gains hidden within the supply chain. ToolView provides the necessary data to quantify, prioritize, and realize actual improvement. ToolView fosters a collaborative environment ideal for achieving lean processes without requiring suppliers to submit cost detail. Should-be cost are calculated without the need to employ expensive consultants and engineers.  See what you can achieve when your suppliers work with you.

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