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Proverbs 29: 11

Tool Planners, Inc. is dedicated to assisting our customers in understanding their tooling assets and demonstrating how this information can improve overall operations.  We provide software, training, support, and consulting services to achieve this objective.  

We are managers, engineers, and developers experienced in manufacturing and software technology.  We have worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes from small job shops to global OEMs and understand their unique challenges when it comes to special tooling.  

Tooling is not a byproduct or necessary evil in manufacturing. It dictates the manufacturing process after products are released for production. Many manufacturers fail to realize the significance of managing this valuable asset. We get it. Let us show you how leveraging these assets can help you achieve compliance, lower supply risk, and improve your bottom line.  

A better understanding of your tooling will help you better understand and control your manufacturing processes.

Jeff Bennett

Tool Planners, Inc.

Businessman, Engineer, Inventor, Instructor

Jeff was raised working is his father's tool and die shop. After achieving a degree in engineering, he worked as a process engineer, tool designer, manager, and shop owner.  Jeff currently works as the owner and lead developer of DieEstimator.com and ToolView.net.

"The best part of owning my own consulting business is working with so many highly talented people involved in all aspects of manufacturing."

-Jeff Bennett, Founder and President